Senin, 09 Mei 2011

To My Beloved Loneliness

Hello my dear Sorrow,
Thank you for your invitation to the darkness
You know that I’d come and lead myself to you
The bloody white rose which you sent me was really beautiful
I like its scent,
The scent of calmness and solitude
It was so tempting, and I trapped in that world,
The world of a blacken heart
But why do I find it relaxing?
Is there something wrong with me or is this my true universe?
Yes, I think I am in a right place,
In the abyss of sweet sadness
Where the sunshine is just the dim light and the paths are the gates to another unknown side
My voice is hardly audible, I’d rather be silent
I’m sick of screaming while the others’ just whispering their sins
So I think you’re right, my dear misery,
I do belong here, I should stay
Just let me sink to the daydream
And wait for me in the middle of imaginary deep forest
I’ll see you soon….

Sincerely yours,
The Lonely One

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