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The GazettE members facts....

RUKI ---
Real Name : Matsumoto Takanori (松本 たかのり) - Ruki (ルキ)

matsu-松 - a pine tree

moto-本- book/ main

松本 - i guess the right meaning would be " the pine's roots" i don't guarantee.^^

Birth Place : Kanagawa Prefecture (Kantou, southern Japan), 1 February 1982
Blood Type: B.
Height: 162cm.
Foot size: 25.5 cm

- Ruki has a chihuahua named Koron [Heresy blog and other interviews]

- Ruki didn't finished school. He just leaved the school when he was in middle of the last year.[Fool’s Mate I.S. No. 003 – April 2009]

- Ruki has a strawyberries trauma. When he was a kid he loved strawberries, but in one of his birthdays, he ate a lot of strawberries and went wrong. (I mean something like a stomachache) and in that day happened a fire too, so since this incidents he don't eat strawberries anymore. (xD) [Beath Shuflle and another interviews]

Distress and Coma PV recording was on Ruki's birthday in 2009. [Manager Blog]

- When Ruki was a drummer in his previous band, he was something like the "girl" of the band. (reffering to his visual) [Fool’s Mate I.S. No. 003 – April 2009]

- Ruki artistic name would be Rukia, but someone already had this name, so he decided to put "Ruki" 'cause he think it was cute. [Fool’s Mate I.S. No. 003 – April 2009]

- Ruki studied in a private school, because of that he couldn't dye his hair, so when he was on vacations, he always dyed his hair with exuberant colors like pink, blond... [Make on Holyday]

- Ruki had column problems since young, then he had to operate it in the first year of middle school.[SHOXX vol. 139 - Setembro/2004]

- Ruki wanted to be a tatto maker. [Fool’s Mate I.S. No. 003 – April 2009]

-Ruki hates that Reita trashes his house ,when comes to him.

- Ruki said he'll never get married [ i don’t believe him, as this is from an old interview]

For all that stuff about Ruki being disowned by his parents, that was true, as was the fact that Ruki's father disowned him. But... when Gazette started becoming popular, Ruki's father and he has seem to made up. Actually, Ruki said that when he calls home, his father would try to guess Gazette's new song, but he guesses wrong. As for the interview... it was a televised interview... "Hey! Hey! Hey!" and it was the Filth in the Beauty era... exact date unknown. ^^'

And he had another Chihuahua some times ago , his name was Sabu-chan~

REILA is Ruki’s ex-girlfriend Who commited sucide (Ruki always crying if singing this song)

NIGHTMARE : Ruki's nearly been killed by a cat
- he is very self conscience
- he hates showing chest
- he hates his sun spots/beauty marks, and he tries to cover them as much as he can.
- he had a pretty rough childhood
- his parents where kind of the equivalent of nazi's
- he use to as a child wake up in the middle of the night, grab his head phones, and plug them into the tv and watch horror films while his parents where asleep.
- his first favorite horror film was Child's Play
- designs jewelry sometimes
- current pet is Mr. Squidge, a cat. (rofl ^^)
- wore his bother's hand-me-downs
- parents and family wanted him to be a 'good child' so they made him always busy in school and at home with lessons
- was grounded and beaten frequently by his parents for his misbehavior
- use to skip classes that he did not like
- was in a private elementary school
- made a promise that if the GazettE where to break up it would be his, reita's and uruha's last band
- was hurt by an ex-girlfriend long ago (find the lyrics to zetsu, or zakurogata no yuutsu, and you will understand)
- likes to try new things
- very, very talkative
- when things get hard or diffucult, he just wants to run and hide away. (aaww ><)
- steals other members cigarette's when he has none
- makes bad lies about being somewhere, where he definitely isnt!
- paints the stripes on his neck because he's self-conscious about his jawline
- charming point is temple
- hates it when people are mean to tourists
- Rolls around on Uruha's bed, to make Uruha laugh.
- doesn't like acting like an adult, ie. "this is how adults fight!! {when manager and kai where fighting}"


Real Name : Takashima Kouyou (高島 宏陽) - Uruha (麗)
taka-高 - high/expensive
shima-島- island
takashima-高島- high island..
Kou- 宏- large/immense/grandious..
You-陽 - sunlight/ yang(from ying and yang)/ the positive
Kouyou-宏陽- a large pozitivism,immense sunlight
Uruha - 麗- charming/graceful/elegant ; it's the 2nd kanji from the word" beautiful' –

Birthplace : Kanagawa Prefecture (Shounan District) , 9 June 1981
Blood Type: O
Height: 177cm
Weight: 62kg
Hobbies: billiard, pachinko, bowling, soccer
Cigarette: Marlboro Menthol Light
Family: Parents, two older sisters
Ring size: 19
Favorite Drink: Smirnoff, MOET & CHANDON
Favorite Food: Mentai Korokke Bento
Favorite brand: PPFM ,CHROME HEARTS, Rude gallery , Docomo
Perfume: Gucci Rushes, Bvlgari

- When he was a child, he was called "Shima"
- In an interview, Uruha said he stopped smoking.
- Uruha accidentally dropped his apartment keys in a manhole while he was taking a walk one day before his birthday. [Arena 37 - November 2008 and other interviews]
- He tried to practice snowboarding. [Neo Genesis vol 32]
- Uruha said he often goed to drink with Shin and Akiya from Kagrra, [Pre PSC Tour 09 - Music Japan+]
- Uruha has a "pet plant" named Pakira-chan [Uruha blog]
- Once he went to Mötley Crüe with Kai. [Arena37C Special vol.56
- His sister told him he looks like Hideaki Takizawa, and he was very happy about it.
- When bothered with something, he drink rum and listen Rock. [FC blog]
- When he was little he often hid under his mom's skirt [100QUESTIONS - SHOXX BIS]
- If he has to be somebody else in the band, he would be Kai to make lunch boxes to the others. [100QUESTIONS - SHOXX BIS]
- He always have Coke in his fridge [100QUESTIONS - SHOXX BIS]
- Sleeps in T-shirts and boxers[100QUESTIONS - SHOXX BIS]
- Drinks sport drinks on stage [100QUESTIONS - SHOXX BIS]
- Once he was chased by a yakuza [100QUESTIONS - SHOXX BIS]
- He thinks champagne is too low [RCE Bonus Disc]
- His first guitar was a Horizon- Grass Rots, black when he was still in the high school. It was a parent’s gift. [RCE Bonus Disc]
-He learned guitar watching band videos with friends. [RCE Bônus Disc]
His favorite animals are domestic ducks, penguins, dogs and white bears (I think that's a polar bear)
He loves to challenge people on his gameboy advanced
He hates eating olives
Uruha has a total of nine piercing, five on his left ear and four on his right ear
He used to work at a vegetable shop
His favourite colours are grey and purple
He also likes to go bowling
Homesickness ~ Sometimes, when on tours or away from home, poor little Uruha-chan suffers from homesickness
Presents ~ Uruha once said that receiving presents from fans is very important to him
Teasing ~ Uruha said that teasing Kai is popular among the members
Vodka ~ Uruha loves to drink Smirnoff...he's a vodkaholic
Uruha sleeps until someone wakes him up (but he hates being woken up). But if no one does, he won't get up. He's glued to his bed.
Occasions: If it's a tour, Kai will wake him up because he's the only one awake.
If it's normal day, Reita calls him.
Depends on what they're doing, but Uruha tends to sometimes sleep during the day when he's not doing anything. Like in studio or something. And if he's not sleepy, he'll:
a. Bring in games to play or play with others
b. Bring a dvd to watch

After a good days work, he goes to a family restaurant to eat
-he admits this is bad, but if he can't get to sleep, he'll drink a bit and then he can go to sleep
-he hates it when people ignore him on purpose
he actually doesn't really like it when he has to show his thighs
- is a proud uncle (he has 2 nephews)
- thinks he looks smart in glasses
- hates being ignored when he is talking
- looks at the person on the inside before he judges on them
- he was made fun of in school because of his lips
- used to work in a grocery store
- met reita through soccer club/team at school
- fights with reita over food
- when sleeping over at the others places, he usually steals their beds, making them sleep on the floor or couch.


Real Name : Uke Yutaka (受 毛豊)
Birthplace : Tokushima , 28 October 1981

- His blood type is B.
- Other gaze members consider him to be a leader of the band.
- Kai's hobby is cooking and he does it well.
- His weak point is forgetfulness
- Likes playing video games
-He likes to sleep naked, when he is alone. [Shoxx - December 2003]
-Recently , he moved to his own apartment.
-He didn't finish school
- His childhood nickname was: Yukkun [100 QUESTIONS - SHOXX BIS]
- He's very positive thinking, but awfully forgetful. [100 QUESTIONS - SHOXX BIS]
- If he could be another member for one day he would be Ruki to make his room messy (it's well-known fact that Ruki is really a maniac about his place.) [100 QUESTIONS - SHOXX BIS]
- He doesn't like Eggplant, Potato [100 QUESTIONS - SHOXX BIS]
- He super loves mayonnaise. (Caused high colesterol kind a problems to him, so now he tries to avoid eating it - Beat Shuffle - don't know when but he was with Uruha in the show) [100 QUESTIONS - SHOXX BIS]
- Stage drink: Pocari [100 QUESTIONS - SHOXX BIS]
- Fav type of woman: Short cut, black hair, feels like the countryside, interesting person. [100 QUESTIONS - SHOXX BIS]
- Doesn't like over-accessorized girls. [100 QUESTIONS - SHOXX BIS]
- Once he dreamt that Reita was his mom [100 QUESTIONS - SHOXX BIS]
- According to Uruha Kai always likes to stand in the corner. [Beat Shuffle]
- Dislike tattoos, piercings and plastic- surgeries [Arena Special Kai personal interview]
- He's having a very bad eye sight, but he wouldn't undergo surgery with it. [Arena Special Kai personal interview]
- Always eating salted Japanese plums before lives [Make on Holiday]
- kanji of Kai means 'caution/warning'

Kai loves playing football and cooking
His favorite animals are dogs, tigers, alligators and crocodiles
He likes to drink apple juice
His favorite season is winter (he like christmas)
Kai has two piercings, both on his left ear
He used to want to be a football player

Poor little Kai got tricked on April fools day and didn't really understand what had happened until 5 days later
Batteries ~ What Kai always buys at convenience stores
He loves to cook with cabbage and various recipes can be found on his section of the site. And he wears the cutest little apron . So take a look and maybe even try out some of his recipes here. Rei-chan says that he doesn't like Kai's cooking...but admits he can't cook
Kai likes Dir en grey
Kai got his drivers license on the 6th January
France ~ The place that Kai most wants to go on his own
During lives, Kai always checks to make sure all of the members are having fun
Hospital ~ In an interview Kai once talked about the time he was hospitalized. He said that it was a very emotional time, and that he received 1000 cranes...I don't know exactly what happened to him or when he was in there but I do know that the first live he did after that was on July 22
Pearl ~ Kai's drum make, a very popular choice with a lot of indies drummers
Reita and Kai both find lack of sleep the worst thing on tours...and Kai always moans 'sleepy'
Kai use his hp ringtone with Wakaremichi song’s

- was once put in the hospital because of a fever from too much drumming
- used to work in a restaurant before going into entertainment
- was ranked as #3 popular male by the girls at school (he found out AFTER he quit the soccer club)
- when he was bullied, he would laugh because it made others laugh and that made him feel good (that he made others laugh)
-- as a result, whenever his band members "bully" him, he laughs, just to make everyone else laugh (naturally)
- hugged Uruha in his sleep... making Uruha feel very uncomfortable.
- tends to over work himself
- once (probably more) was taking care and worrying about the others so much, he didn't realize that he was getting sick.
- Kai loves soccer and played it in elementary school, junior high, and high school
-Kai thinks he's "gotten better at human relationships", becoming more considerate of others.
-Kai's mother can read and speak English. So that means, if another GazettE’s member can't read some of the English fanmail, he asks his mom to translate them for him.
-Kai actually doesn't dislike drinking, and has in fact started drinking again! But when he's out drinking with everyone, he tends to "over-drink"... as in, he gets hyper and then crashes.
-Kai stopped drinking for two years because after he drank, he'd hit a low point "tension-wise", and he didn't like that about himself, which is why he stopped drinking.
-Kai likes beer, a brand from Okinawa called Awamori.
-His wish for the future is to attain happiness, and one way of getting that happiness, for him, is getting a big house


Real Name : Shiroyama Yuu (城山優) - Aoi (葵)
yama-山 - mountain/peak;
shiroyama- 城山- the citadel on the mountain.
Yuu-優- kindhearted/gentle
Aoi-葵- hollyhock flower..

Birthday Place : Mie , 20 january 1979
Blood type : A
Height : 171 cm

- He can speak 3 dialects. [Shoxx - December2003]
- His favorite season is Winter. [ Shox - December 2003]
- Sleeps with T-shirt and Jersey pants. [ Shoxx - December 2003]
- Aoi wanted to be a carpenter if he weren't a musician o_ov [Shoxx - December 2003]
-Aoi worked in a Convenience store and a Wedding Hall. [Shoxx - December 2003]
-In school he was good in home economy and was part of the baseball club. [ShoxX Bis N.1 - December 2003]
- Once he fell of the stage and accidentaly hit the face of a fan. He apologized in the blog about that. [Old Blog of the band]
- When he was in Fukuoka, he felt familiar with the dialect 'cause Fukuoka's dialect is quite similar with Kansai's dialect. [Old blog of the band]
- Take great care of his own equipment, but his house is a mess, as Reita said. [FOOL'S MATE - April 2006] (the interview is old, maybe things have changed...)
- Ruki said that when they went to Hawaii, Aoi went to surf alone. [FOOL'S MATE - April 2006]
- When he was on school, he liked to do kendo, surf and play. [FOOL'S MATE - April 2006]
- Started to surf when he was 18 years old and bought a car. The brother of his girlfriend also surf, so, sometimes he borrowed his surfboard. At that time, he worked in a pub at night and surf in the morning. [Neo Genesis vol. 17]
- He was dating when decided to go to Tokyo, but she didn't go with him. They broke up. [Neo Genesis Vol.17]
- The place where he gets more inspired to compose melodies and lyrics is in his bath. [PSC 10th Anniversary Book]
- Recently, he finally bought a new handphone. [Aoi's Blog]
-He has a radio program, called 'Hollyhock Radio on FM AICHI
- as a child he wanted to be a bike racer [100 QUESTIONS - SHOXX BIS]
- most of the members told him that he's like a fox [100 QUESTIONS - SHOXX BIS]
- He said he's rival is his father [100 QUESTIONS - SHOXX BIS]
- His favorite pick up line: I like you! (in his dialect) [100 QUESTIONS - SHOXX BIS]
- He said there's no food he doesn't like [100 QUESTIONS - SHOXX BIS]
- Stage drink: water [100 QUESTIONS - SHOXX BIS]
- Liked type: Someone he can laugh with/ disliked type: A tempre mental person [100 QUESTIONS - SHOXX BIS]
- He totally afraid of ghosts, he doesn't really like places which looks like there's one. [100 QUESTIONS - SHOXX BIS]
- After lives he always gargle [100 QUESTIONS - SHOXX BIS]
- He would tell his girlfriend if she doesn't look good.:) [musiQ vol13]
- He doesn't want a girl who's always next to him. He prefers independent women and has to have a job, and be strong - willed. :D [musiQ vol13]
- At his parents' place there's everything about Gazette (magazines, posters, his mom collects all of these stuffs) [musiQ vol13]
- Aoi loves his stomach. He said when he goes back to his parents there are always a lot of food, and it makes him very happy. (And we all know he still couldn't get over the fact, when they were in Germany, there weren't any food in the backstage, and he bothered Reita to go out to eat - Reita's radio)
- He said all the members are quite shy in the band [musiQ vol13]
- he could swim about kilometres in the sea, and when he was young , he did this daily.
when he was teenager , he was very lazy...[ and now it's hardworking, that's awesome].
His favourite season is winter
Aoi has two lip piercings (although he normally only wears on lip ring), one piercing on his right ear and two on his left ear
- the oldest member in gazette
- got kissed by Uruha during the Yokohama live. XD
- has to sleep on the guest bed when he goes home to visit his parents
- he wears the clothes that fans send him
- he likes to play video games
- started playing the guitar because of his brother
- loves strawberries
- is very courteous to anyone who visits his house (ie. offers drinks, food, etc)
- strongest subject in school was Home Economics.
- his favorite colors are black and white
- uses mouthwash after lives.
- stopped dying his hair after being in gazette for a while
- often smokes
- likes to drink coffee
- he speaks Kansai-ben
- he was in a baseball club at school
- favorite phrase; '' No. ''
- says a lot of 'mmmm...' and 'nn...'s when he speaks.
- Aoi loves Mika Nakashima. He listens to her songs whenever he feels sad.


REITA ----
Real Name : Suzuki Akira (鈴木 亮) means: Suzuki- wood bell, and akira - clear/obvious
Birthplace : Kanagawa , 27 May 1981
Blood Type: A
Height: 172cm
Weight: 55kg
Favorite Colors: purple, red, white
Hobbies: watching movies
Brand: Cropped head, Lock
Cigarette: Marlboro Mild Seven Lights
Family: Mother, grandmother, older sister

- His blood type is A. [Shoxx December 2003]
- Whe he was a kid, was called by "Ue-chan" [Shoxx December 2003]
- Sleeps with underwear. [Shoxx December 2003]
- Reita dreamed he was the vocalist and he was singing with Ruki in a twin vocal. (xD) [Shoxx December 2003]
- Reita worked in a Bread shop and Sweets shop. [Shoxx December 2003]
- He doesn't like vegetables! [Shoxx December 2003]
- The most stubborn one in the band.[100 QUESTIONS - SHOXX BIS and RCE Bonus Disc]
- He would be Aoi for one day, because he can speak 3 dialects. [100 QUESTIONS - SHOXX BIS]
- He doesn't really likes Kai's cooking (once he said it's to sweet to him) [100 QUESTIONS - SHOXX BIS]
- He always have Barley tea and pudding in his fridge. [100 QUESTIONS - SHOXX BIS]
- He said the biggest mischief he gotten into was he threw rubbish under Ruki's bed. [100 QUESTIONS - SHOXX BIS]
- Stage drink: Sport drink or something like that [100 QUESTIONS - SHOXX BIS]
- Prefered type: Someone to settle down with, a devoted, giving, kind, feminine person. [100 QUESTIONS - SHOXX BIS]
- Doesn't like vulgar persons. [100 QUESTIONS - SHOXX BIS]
- Once he quit smoking, but after one year he got back to it again (Radio Jack with Reita)
He has Harley and likes to drive it
- He believes in reincarnation.
His favourite season is spring
He doesn't like Kai's cooking but said that he couldn't cook XD
He likes eating Kit-kats and spaghetti
Reita loves watching movies
People used to call Reita 'Bonkura' when he was little...it means blockheaded
Bugs ~ Reita HATES them (especially mosquitos)
Face-off ~ Reita's favorite movie of all time
Initial D ~ Reita's favorite comic
Macho ~ Reita would like to be macho in 5 years time...and more macho in 10 years time

Nose band ~ This is Reita's trademark always mistaken for not having a nose. Although he can be quite quiet, Reita sometimes reveals his mad side and sends the fangirls crazy...
Sleep ~ Reita and Kai both find lack of sleep the worst thing on tours...and Kai always moans 'sleepy'
- the last known girlfriend of reita, broke up with him because he couldn't be with her all the time when the band was beginning to get popular. This apparently broke his heart and he was in a state of depression for a month. (This may be a rumor)
- Wanted to be a soccer player when he was little.
- He hates sweets except for pudding, cake and kit kats.
- He has 2 piercings; one on the right ear, and one on the left.
- He loves The sex pistols and collects DVDs and everything that has something to do with the Sex Pistols.
- He thinks his nose is the most unattractive thing on his body.
- He wonders a lot about the next day...
- His eyesight is 1.5.
-Reita and Tora (Alice Nine) are best friend
- is the instigator of the band and likes to play tricks.
- Reita's really worried how long he's going to have to hide his nose...that's his biggest concern. XD


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